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“TORRE SALSA” is an agritourism on the southern coast of Sicily.
We are a farm by the sea, with olive trees, fodder, grain crops, a forest of pine and acacia trees, protected dwarf palmettes here and there, meadows, ancient watchtowers, archaeological ruins, dry stone walls, rocky walls, white cliffs, ravines and wild flowers. Part of the property lies in a nature reserve managed by the WWF as part of “RETE NATURA 2000” and classified as a Site of Community Importance of the European Union. Its splendid geographic position affords suggestive panoramic views as you walk along the ridge overlooking the sea, or down the paths that descend towards the deserted beach bordering our property, where you can walk until you reach the rocky, white landmark known as “MARNA”.  ASTRONOMITALY has certified the sky here as GOLD – the stars here are particularly bright due to the absence of pollution and the extreme purity of the air. (Do a Google search for “the most beautiful skies of Italy farmhouse torre salsa”). We love animals and we treat them with care and affection. We also welcome the pets our guests bring with them, as long as they are gentle. We breed quails and laying hens in the open air, and they are fed wheat, corn, bran and leftover bread. Since 2016 we have grown our own vegetables using the PERMACULTURA method.  We fertilize only with the COMPOST we produce on site: a fermented mixture of paper, cardboard, vegetable waste, coffee grounds, any old used leather object, or wool, silk, cotton, hemp, dry leaves, grass, algae, wood chips of branches, coal and ashes from logs burned inside the furnace built by us, the humus of earthworms raised  on the farm, fish hydrolysis, manure from sheep, cows and horses. Sun and water complete the treatment.  That's all!  Our produce thrives and grows resistant to disease, without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides or insecticides. This special care requires more effort and has higher costs, but it is worth it because it is good for our health. We welcome guests throughout the year who appreciate our efforts!!

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Inviando la richiesta di disponibilità lei sta accettando il trattamento dei suoi dati personali che avverrà per le strette finalità collegate alla sua richiesta. I dati saranno inoltre trattati dal titolare a scopo di analisi interna, non saranno mai comunicati a nessuno. Il titolare è Torre Salsa Turistica, società agricola per azioni. Come può comprendere, la richiesta di disponibilità non comporta l’automatica prenotazione, quest’ultima avverrà solo in sede di conferma da parte dell’azienda agrituristica.


Contrada Salsa snc, 92010 - Montallegro (Agrigento) Sicilia 
P.iva   02130730845

Tel.: 0922 847074
Cel.: 336 945967 - 331 8247499
Fax: 0922 845309
e-mail: info@torresalsa.it